The Rewards of Good Credit

Without a doubt, the most rewarding day for us at was the day a young couple we had been working with for a few months walked into our office with tears in their eyes. I greeted them at the door and the young lady wrapped her arms around me and started hugging me. At the same time, her husband grabbed my hand and started shaking it vigorously. They told me they had just gotten the keys to their new house!

They explained to me they had grown up in Section 8 subsidized housing in the city of Oxnard and hung out in the drug and gang-infested playground at the housing project. They told me that the advice they got from their parents when they got engaged was to hurry up and apply for their own Section 8 housing so they could raise a family of their own.

They went on to say that because we fixed their credit, they were able to purchase a home with a backyard so their kids would have a swing and a dog and most importantly a safe place to hang out. They also said one other thing that even now I can’t stop thinking about. They said we broke the cycle of welfare in their family. They expect because their kids are now going to grow up in a house with a backyard, that they will grow up and want to provide the same for their families; Section 8 will not even be in their vocabulary.